I want to thank you so much for this honor and the opportunity to take part in this training and the blessing of this scholarship! I can't express how amazing this is.  I want to take this time to express how much it means to me to be able to serve my community and also to further my education. This is confirmation to keep pressing forward to help moms in our community. You all have made a dream of mine come true and I will put my whole heart into this and serve from a place of humility and love. 

Kelli Brien,CD(DONA), LCCE, CLS 
Founder, Mahogany Maternity
South Bend, IN

With many in-person events being canceled due to the Covid 19 recommendations, IBC is funding online options this year.  We have closed our application for 2020 but hope to offer more scholarships for 2021/

Learn more about the scholarship here.


Terry Jo Curtis "Every Ounce Counts" Scholarship Application

For the latest updates and recommendations for pregnant, parenting, and breastfeeding families related to the Covid 19 pandemic, click here to our resource page.  Check back frequently for the latest updates.

The Terry Jo Curtis Scholarship 2020 Campaign is starting  this week, National Black Breastfeeding Week.. Go to our Scholarship Page to see how you can help to send 5 more POC to conferences or trainings in 2021.  Or click here to go directly to our PayPal page to make a one time or monthly donation

The Milk Bank – like all medical and nonprofit efforts – will be challenged to prevent disruption in our work and stabilize the donor milk supply.  The Milk Bank has worked on creating a resource toolkit that addresses our response to COVID-19.

You can access this toolkit here and the Milk Bank Covid 19 Statement here.

Much like blood banking or food banking, milk banking is an essential service and a medical supplier that is particularly at risk during the pandemic. 

As valued partners we appreciate your continued support as we move through this challenging time.

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Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition  meets every month on the 3rd Thursday at St. Vincent Women's Hospital on Township Line Road. 

*At this time, IBC meetings will be held virtually until further notice.  Stay up to date through membership updates.                                   

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