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Breastfeeding: Making Connections and Breaking Barriers


Indiana Perinatal Network (IPN) and the Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition (IBC) are excited to announce a new, formalized partnership aimed at increasing breastfeeding support and streamlining resources and services for health care providers, new moms and families.

Indiana has one of the strongest, most extensive networks of community breastfeeding coalitions in the country. Merging the grassroots approach and extensive volunteer base of the IBC with the organizational resources and staff support of IPN creates an innovative approach to coalition organization that capitalizes on the strengths of both groups. 

This structure better positions the state of Indiana to accept charitable donations and garner local and national grant funding to support breastfeeding promotion. 

The new partnership will be led by Tina Cardarelli, IBCLC, IPN Director of Breastfeeding Services, Ryan Karim, RN, IBCLC, Lauren George, CLC, and Chris Lundberg, RN IBCLC, IBC Co-Chairs. Three distinct task forces will take charge of a variety of programs and projects: 

  • Clinical Task Force – led by Chris Lundberg, RN IBCLC, will focus on health care providers, doctors’ offices and hospitals to promote supportive breastfeeding practices in maternity settings 
  • Community Task Force – led by Lauren George, CLC, will focus on providing community-based support to pregnant women and new moms so that breastfeeding is the cultural norm at home, at work and in all Indiana communities 
  • Health Equity Task Force – led by Ryan Karim, RN, IBCLC, will focus on increasing the historically low rate of breastfeeding initiation and duration among women of color

“Everyone involved in this new partnership looks forward to building strategic relationships with a broad range of public and private organizations at the state and local levels,” said Tina Cardarelli. “IBC will benefit the community by acting as the hub of breastfeeding in Indiana."

Want to get involved? 

IBC is always looking for volunteers who want to improve the landscape of breastfeeding in Indiana. Whether you’re an IBCLC, a nurse or simply have a passion for helping new moms, there is a place for you! Click here to provide your contact information and indicate your area of interest.  Questions? Contact Tina Cardarelli at tcardarelli@indianaperinatal.org or 866-338-0825.

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Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition's mission is to improve public health by making breastfeeding the norm through education, advocacy, and collaboration.  We stand behind our vision that breastfeeding is the cultural and social norm throughout Indiana.  We act as the connecting organization for breastfeeding throughout Indiana and the liaison to the United States Breastfeeding Committee.

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